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Packages                             Duration           Cost
Mini healing - single             30 min             $40
Mini healing pkg of 3           30 min each    $108
Standard healing                   60 min             $80
Standard healing pkg of 3    60 min each   $216
Chakra cleansing - single     30 min             $40
Chakra cleansing pkg of 3   30 min each    $108
Distant healing                      60 min             $80
Intuitive Dream                     n/a                   $150
Note: Cost does not include tax
Healing sessions

Healing sessions (mini and standard) involve energy healing which are customized to your specific needs. Sessions are interactive and I work with the client to determine root cause of your ailments or injuries.

Chakra cleansing sessions

Chakras are the 7 main energy centers in our bodies which process your spiritual energy which ultimately reflect the auras around your body.  Each chakra is represented by a different color. Using Pranic healing methods dirty and negative energies are removed from each chakra then each chakra is properly energized and stabilized. 

Meditation music used during Healing/Chakra sessions - Sacred Acoustics 

Distant healing

Distant healing is equivalent to the standard healing sessions that are done in person except these are done remotely usually via Skype. With distant healing your location does not matter.  If Skype is not an option, I can simply work from a current photo so I can focus the energy healing in your direction.



I first went to Martin in April of 2015 because I wanted Martin to help me to prepare for my endoscopic nasal surgery, and I met with him before my surgery to discuss the process. I had my surgery and within the same week of my surgery, I was off pain medication.

Angie S.

I was one of those who received healing work from Martin over a longer stretch of time, because the healing I needed was life-changing and addressed deeply held emotional patterns. With Martin’s work, I was able to let go of old thought patterns, and deep emotional layers, that had prevented me from being the person I am here to be. Today, because of his help, I am a published author and am a teacher and healer for others on their spiritual journey.

Michelle Adam - Author of the novel, Child of Duende: A Journey of the Spirit

Intuitive Dream session

Intuitive dream sessions are where you provide me with a question that you are seeking an answer to.  As a Lucid dreamer I can take your question into my subconscious while I sleep at night and ask for an answer to your question.  During the night I will have a dream that will provide answer(s) to your question.


In the morning when I wake up, I transcribe the dream and provide my interpretation of the dream.  I then send you a copy of the session and I ask you to provide your own interpretation of the dream. This is important because I believe what I'm doing is dreaming on your behalf.  In some cases dream images may seem trivial and insignificant to me, but have special meaning to you.  So interacting with the client allows for a better understanding on the guidance received during the dream session.

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