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Testimonial - Healing sessions

I can say, without a doubt, that Martin is the most committed and heart-felt healer I have ever worked with. He will dedicate years of his life to healing someone, if that’s what it takes, although his intent is to offer rapid and immediate healing for his clients.


I was one of those who received healing work from Martin over a longer stretch of time, because the healing I needed was life-changing and addressed deeply held emotional patterns. With Martin’s work, I was able to let go of old thought patterns, and deep emotional layers, that had prevented me from being the person I am here to be. Today, because of his help, I am a published author and am a teacher and healer for others on their spiritual journey.


I highly recommend Martin. There are few healers who work as deeply as he does, and hold a space of possibility that allows change to occur. Through his intuitive work, dream sessions, and big-hearted ways, he gave me a chance to see my own divine gift to the world. His healing work offered me a doorway through which I could partner with divine energies to receive the healing I was ready for.  


Michelle Adam

Author of Child of Duende: A Journey of the Spirit 

Testimonial - Healing sessions

The first time Martin treated me I was to go in for a sonogram for several small lumps in my breast.  Martin treated me the evening before my sonogram. The next day, when a doctor looked at my sonogram, she said she could not find three of the lumps I had found. The remaining lump was an insignificant cyst and to not worry about it.  This lump has now also disappeared. 

Martin also treated me for aggravating hip pain. I was limping around for several months with pain in my left hip. Two days after Martin treated me the pain was gone and has not returned. 


 Testimonials - Distant Healing sessions

My adult son went to see his doctor with what he thought was a bad case of the flu. It turned out he had an advanced case of leukemia. I was quickly educated regarding the risks associated with surgeries to replace bone marrow--if a suitable donor could be found--and the odds against a long-term positive outcome. Many things were happening all at once as exceptional medical staff and my son considered options. Many tests were performed.  I was frightened and extremely worried for my son.  I made the only contribution I could think of while others did their best.  I knew of Marty Martinez’ healing practice and asked him to do what he could for my son. He began to work that evening.


A few days later doctors determined that bone marrow transplants would not be needed because my son’s leukemia could be treated with a new medication that actually alters his DNA to enable his own bone marrow to once again begin producing healthy white blood cells and bring the leukemia into remission.  So long as he continues to take the medication, a Bristol Meyers Squibb product called Sprycel, he is expected to enjoy a normal life. He was back to work within a month and has been doing well for two years now. 


So, how and where do I draw the line between what BMS pharmacology and medical staff contributed to this outcome and what Marty contributed?  I can’t. I realize the new BMS drug is amazing in its ability to control some types of leukemia. I also know the outlook was very grim when I asked Marty for help and it was markedly improved just days later.   If I had it to do over again would I ask Marty to help? You bet I would!



Testimonial - Healing sessions

I first went to Martin in April of 2015 because I wanted Martin to help me to prepare for my endoscopic nasal surgery, and I met with him before my surgery to discuss the process. I had my surgery and within the same week of my surgery, I was off pain medication. My first appointment with my surgeon was two weeks after my surgery, and the doctor was amazed at my quick progress and recovery. He was astonished how fast I was healing and that I was off my pain medication within just a few days after my surgery.


By the first month follow up appointment, I had made a quick recovery with no pain, and the doctor was amazed that my recovery was so rapid without medication.

My last appointment was my follow up at six months, and I had fully healed and recovered. The doctor was impressed at each follow up appointment and had nothing further to recommend or advise each time I met with him.  

In the spring of 2016, I lost my mother to suicide and went to Martin to assist in my grieving process. I was three months pregnant and knew I needed to confront my grief and loss rather than hold everything in for the sake of my health as well as my baby's. If I had held onto my grief and not confronted what had happened, I truly believe it would have jeopardized my overall health and my baby.

Martin and I talked at length and discussed my life and my relationship with my mother. This was a journey I wasn't expecting, but I was open to the process. After several discussions with Martin, I finally met with him for an energy session.

In my session, I felt various emotions all at once and images of memories went through my mind. Towards the end of the session I felt this sensation of energy coming out of my chest. It was like I was being unloaded of some sort of dark matter. It's hard to explain or describe, but I felt a physical sensation of mass coming out of my chest. After about a week I felt that something was different; I felt mentally and emotionally lighter, and the heaviness wasn't lingering around me like it had been before.

This process was extremely personal, and it wasn't something that happened overnight; but I knew I had to be willing and ready to confront such matters in order to heal. With both my will to confront my grief and Martin's assistance, I was able to confront my grief and loss and to find forgiveness that has enabled me to move forward. 

Thank you, Martin for your passion to heal and for being such a wonderful listener. 

Angie S

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